Weeks Marine, Inc.

Originally founded by Francis Weeks in 1919, the Weeks Stevedoring Company started with two cranes in the Port of New York, handling bunker coal and dry ballast. By the beginning of World War II, they had purchased their seventh crane and were loading military equipment bound for Europe to support the Allied Forces. In the 1980s and 90s, the Weeks organization grew by leaps and bounds by acquiring the assets of well respected marine companies. During that time, Weeks substantial acquisitions were M.P. Howlett, a New York based stevedoring company, in 1983, American Dredging Company, one of the most famous dredging companies in history, in 1993, and T.L. James, another dredging company based in Louisiana, in 1998.

From a humble beginning as a two crane stevedoring company, family-owned Weeks Marine, Inc. has expanded into six divisions and now operates more than 500 cranes, tugs, dredges, barges, and other pieces of waterborne equipment. To describe the many services and capabilities Weeks Marine has to offer is no easy task. On any given day, Weeks could be dredging a shipping channel in the Virgin Islands, performing a salvage operation in the Chesapeake Bay, restoring a beach in sunny Florida, and building a pier near the St. Lawrence channel.

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