Igniting Imagination

The 2014 Rutgers University Strategic Plan identified the School of Engineering as a major priority in moving the university forward on a path toward excellence. The School of Engineering's Strategic Plan, following suit, embraces and endorses the overriding goal, and it serves as the foundation for a series of initiatives that address student learning, faculty excellence, research innovation, industry partnerships, alumni engagement, and critical infrastructure improvements.  

The School of Engineering is committed to providing a sustainable and advanced infrastructure of classrooms, laboratories, offices, and common spaces through a combination of new construction and renovation projects. Infrastructure planning supports the school's commitment to excellence and research.

A phased building construction plan will guide the school through 2027. An improved and enhanced infrastructure will result from the reallocation of existing space, renovation of selected facilities, and replacement of aging and substandard space—including the 1961 Engineering Building. These new facilities will provide exceptional classroom learning spaces, as well as instructional labs that support aggressive research programs and showcase current trends in engineering technologies.

The Richard Weeks Hall of Engineering, opened in fall 2018, is central to the establishment of a new 21st-century engineering complex on Busch campus. This world-class facility offers leading-edge classroom and laboratory spaces, as well as up-to-the-minute equipment and resources that promote learning, research, and technological innovation and discovery. It houses academic departments and programs and foster industry-school relations through the New Jersey Advanced Manufacturing Institute. By featuring the technologies of sustainable engineering in design and construction, it serves as a vital living laboratory.