Collaborative Work and Environmental Spaces

Weeks Hall employs state-of-the-art technologies in an open, interdisciplinary venue designed to foster collegial and industry research and education partnerships.

Emil Buehler Aerospace Lab

Emil Buehler Aerospace Lab Image

The Emil Buehler Aerospace Lab, a two-story space strategically placed adjacent to the Manufacturing Pilot Lab and opening onto the Research Terrace, is a testing space for students to experiment with drones and aerospace projects. The enclosed area features a protected environment for test flights to be done year-round and in any weather, and the catwalk around the second story perimeter allows for an elevated view.


Robotics Lab

Robotics Lab Image

Recent advances in machine learning—personal robots, automatic cars, and even brain-controlled prostheses—have set the stage for robotics to make real and meaningful advances to our quality of life. The Robotics Lab provides space and infrastructure for research and development for enhanced systems ultimately impacting manufacturing, agriculture, elder assistance, home automation, vehicle automation, and more.


Smart Classrooms

Smart Classrooms Image

Smart Classroom 2

The three smart classrooms in Weeks Hall allow for faculty to easily pivot student learning from class lectures to team-based collaborative activities. These classrooms, in various sizes, are designed with first-year students in mind. The high-tech classrooms will be equipped for project-based learning, which is at the center of our first-year engineering curriculum.

  • First floor: large classroom
  • Second floor: 72-seat classroom
  • Second floor: 35-seat classroom


Robert and Beatrice Salvin Lecture Hall

Robert and Beatrice Salvin Lecture Hall

A prominent feature of Weeks Hall is the two-story lecture hall with seated capacity for 280 guests.


Robert A. Kuchinski Leadership Suite

Leadership Suite

Located on the top floor of Weeks Hall, the Robert A. Kuchinski Leadership Suite includes the Keiko and Gerald Harvey Dean’s Office, a large executive conference room, and leadership offices. Ample natural light and excellent views of the engineering campus provide an ideal environment for faculty members, alumni, and industry partners to exchange ideas and collaborate.



Atrium/Commons Image

Second Atrium and Commons image

Open space and natural light, emanating through two-story glass walls and overhead skylights, creates a welcoming entryway to the Atrium and Commons area of Weeks Hall. Unique features include a technology wall for engineering-related displays and gathering or touchdown spaces where students and faculty can meet informally or find a quiet niche for themselves. The Atrium and Commons area is surrounded by collaborative work spaces, smart classrooms, a lecture hall, and living laboratories. This open and flexible space also transitions to an event venue.


Other Spaces

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