Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil and environmental engineering tackles issues of global importance, including the sustainability of infrastructures, the impact of transportation on the environment, deploying emerging concepts and technologies in the construction of new facilities, and much more.

Urban and Coastal Water System Laboratories

Image for Urban and Coastal Water System Labs

The Urban and Coastal Water System Labs will be at the leading-edge of water resources engineering and management for urbanized and urbanizing coastal regions. These labs will allow for modeling of coastal areas to develop and demonstrate flood risk reduction strategies for vulnerable urban communities.

Urban Coastal Water Systems Laboratories:

  • Urban and Coastal Waterways Physical Testing Lab
  • Urban and Coastal Waterways Control Center


Geo-Systems Laboratories

Langan Geo-Environmental Engineering Lab Image

The Geo-Systems Labs are focused on finding sustainable solutions for modern environmental and geo-technical challenges.

Geo-Systems Laboratories:

  • Soil Mechanics Instructional Lab
  • Soil Mechanics Research Lab
  • Langan Geo-Environmental Engineering Lab


Environmental Process and Molecular Analysis Laboratories

The grand challenges facing the environmental engineering field occur at the extremes of scale and are tracked through engineered treatment systems, watersheds, and global systems. The Environmental Process and Molecular Analysis Labs will be home to state-of-the-art instrumentation for measuring pollutants in air, water, and soil for projects from bench scale treatability studies to field-scale fate and transport research.

Environmental Process and Molecular Analysis Labs:

  • Environmental Engineering Lab
  • Environmental Chemical Analysis Lab
  • Environmental Ultraclean Lab


Civil and Environmental Engineering Offices

CEE Conference Room

Weeks Hall is the new home of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Department administrative offices, a conference room, and computing classrooms will be housed on the third floor.

  • Chair’s Office
  • Conference Room
  • Faculty, Student, and Research Staff Offices


Other Spaces

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