Advanced Manufacturing

Rutgers established the New Jersey Advanced Manufacturing Institute (NJAMI) to distinguish and elevate the state’s historic manufacturing profile. At Weeks Hall, dedicated space provides unique opportunities for faculty, students, and industry partners to develop and test innovative devices in areas of information technology, renewable energy, sensing devices, and health and life sciences.

Undergraduate Concept Labs and Research Terrace

Concept Labs

Research Terrace

Two large undergraduate Concept Labs provide collaborative space for students to design and build projects. Open to all students in every engineering discipline, the spaces offer an ideal environment for students to work together and exchange ideas, while also providing design and build space for senior capstone design projects. The Research Terrace offers an outdoor facility for building, test driving, and/or flying projects.


Manufacturing Pilot Laboratory

Manufacturing Pilot Lab

The Manufacturing Pilot Laboratory provides a unique space dedicated to the assembly, testing, and modification of student project prototypes. This high-bay lab space has a second floor perimeter catwalk for viewing projects below.


Rapid Prototyping Laboratory

Advancements in rapid prototyping, commonly known as 3D printing, have greatly accelerated in recent years, offering immediate production of conceptual ideas. The state-of-the-art Rapid Prototyping Lab provides instant production and testing of designs.


Other Spaces

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